When you place your vessel in a pool as opposed to trading it on a time-charter agreement, you will get stable earnings and cash flow through the inherent hedging across a larger fleet whilst still having access to market upsides.

We offer pool management services in the Intermediate, Handy, MR, LR2 and Aframax segments and the pools’ and your specific needs are looked after, considering variation in vessel type, age, cargo types, etc.

If you place your vessels in one of our pools, you will get: 

Superior earnings

Superior earnings and cash flow enabled by algorithm-based trading that forecasts the highest earning markets with 60-70% accuracy

Access to cargoes through a global network of 100 sub-markets and 200 customers

A fair and unbiased pay-out of earnings based on a standardised system for calculating pool points
Transparency and flexibility

Access to real-time data on vessel performance through InSite digital

Flexibility in entry- and exit terms, which allows joining within 30 days and leaving the pools within 45 days

Easy onboarding process

Opportunity to switch between deployment strategies

Regular insight into market developments, hereunder vetting, e.g. how to rectify vetting issues and rejections and how to manage SIRE inspections in challenging regions
Vessel performance maximisation

Access to 90 years of technical and operational insight to optimise bunker consumption

24/7 support due to our presence in Singapore, Mumbai and Copenhagen

Cost benefits stemming from scale, e.g. bunkers are purchased and delivered through Maersk Oil Trading, resulting in lower bunker costs and, therefore, higher TCE


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