To deliver the best possible service to our customers, we operate an attractive crude and product tanker fleet. Our vessels vary in size from 10.000 to 175.000 dwt. divided into nine pools: Suezmax, Aframax, LR2, Panamax, LR1, MR, Handy and Small & large Intermediates. This ensures that different customer needs are met. We trade globally and work with different products: clean, dirty, chemicals and veg oil. Do you want to know more?

Vessel nameSegmentFlagBuiltDWTCapacityCoatingInertingIMOICE
Atlantic CrownMRHong Kong200747,12851,906EpoxyIG Generator3
CalandriaMRMarshall Islands201245,95050,921EpoxyFlue Gas
Canal StreetMRLiberia201244,99652,111EpoxyFlue Gas
CapitalMRIndia200851,60352,142EpoxyIG Generator3
CastorMRMarshall Islands201949,99951,995EpoxyIG Generator
Challenge PreludeMRHong Kong200644,99854,762EpoxyFlue Gas
Cl FugouMRMarshall Islands201749,70952,465EpoxyIG Generator3
Cl HuaiyangMRMarshall Islands201649,68752,447EpoxyIG Generator2
Elka ElefsisMRLiberia201549,99055,677EpoxyIG Generator3
ETC NefertariMRLiberia201149,76454,809EpoxyIG Generator
FlorenceMRPanama200647,99954,753EpoxyFlue Gas3
Fpmc 32MRLiberia201949,65947,622ZincNitrogen Generator2