We use a combination of known solutions and solutions we are pioneers of and deploy them at scale to boost vessels’ economic and environmental performance.

Maersk Tankers is expanding its services to shipowners with a new Voyage Management service. Building on our company’s expertise in commercial vessel operations and fuel optimisation, the service will help ship operators and owners achieve greater economic and environmental efficiency in day-to-day operations. 

With our Voyage Management service, shipowners can get a personlised solution to match their needs. As such, they can choose the full operational service consisting of our support in operations, bunkering, energy and claims as a package deal. Or choose one or more as stand-alone solutions. 

The more fuel a ship consumes, the more carbon it emits – and the higher the cost. By providing energy consulting to shipowners in our pools, we help them slash emissions and fuel costs.

Each vessel is different with its own potential for optimisation, based on factors that include its design, age, time since dry-docking and past trade history. We use data from the vessel to advise owners on how it can perform at an optimal technical level, reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions wherever possible.

When the vessel is at sea, our team of operational experts, utilise their skills and solutions, such as Optimise, to ensure each voyage is conducted as efficiently as possible.

As a signatory to Sea Cargo Charter, we are gathering and reporting emission data on behalf of the shipowners in our pools. This ensures they are fulfilling reporting requirements from cargo owners and, in turn, getting insight that will support them in cutting emissions and getting access to cargo.

Njord is a green transition partner for enhanced fleet performance and emission reduction through technology.

Partnering with Njord allows shipowners and charterers to boost the commercial and environmental performance of their fleet and future-proof their business.    

Njord ensures owners select the right combination of technologies for their fleet based on a sound business case.

One of Njord’s solutions is wind-propulsion technology, which Maersk Tankers pioneered the use of on a product tanker vessel. 

As a pool manager, Maersk Tankers distributes payments to pool partners according to the Bunker Adjustment methodology. This calculates the fuel consumption of each vessel in relation to the pool average, locking in improved operational performance and offering a healthy return on investment to pool partners who invest in the fuel efficiency of their vessels.

Maersk Tankers’ pool partners become a part of our decarbonisation community for shipowners. This includes discussion forums with experts such as Danish Shipping and the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping.

SimTanker is an algorithm-based solution that simulates the fleet’s positioning based on our vast volume of historical voyage data. It forecasts market earnings and provides recommendations to charterers on where to position the fleet optimally to maximise earnings for shipowners. 

ZeroNorth is a digital business carved out of Maersk Tankers, which aims to make global trade green. Its digital solution Optimise is set to help operators with voyage optimisation to maximise earnings for shipowners and cut emissions for the benefit of the planet. We are using the digital solution across the entire fleet we manage.

Using VesselTruth, shipowners can onboard their vessels in just a few clicks. The shipowner uploads information and documents about the vessel, and can then continuously monitor the onboarding process, ensuring that the owner knows what is happening to his/her vessel

InSite digital is a communications platform for shipowners in our pools. It provides instant access to pool performance data as well as insight to enable partners to stay attuned to market developments. Through the emissions module, owners can also monitor the environmental performance of their vessels in relation to upcoming regulations.