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At Maersk Tankers, we manage tanker vessels for owners based on commercial and operational expertise that is rooted in a century of shipping. Charged with an entrepreneurial spirit, we develop and employ solutions that maximise their vessels’ economic and environmental performance.

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Join one of the largest tanker fleets in the world. With Maersk Tankers, you can tap into a century of commercial, technical and operational expertise and boost your vessel performance.

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Charter a ship

Enhance your cargo transport experience with our highly reliable, flexible and extensive fleet network. Combined with our algorithm-based trading tools, we make commercial decisions that benefit you.

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We experience full transparency. No hidden agenda. Whenever we need assistance, Maersk Tankers is willing to support us – even in challenging situations. And in general, the collaboration is based on mutual respect as well as professionalism between the people at Maersk Tankers and us as shipowners.

Maersk Tankers is our preferred commercial manager of tanker vessels because of their good results and efforts to maximize earnings.

Bernhard Schulte, Pool Partner at Maersk Tankers since 2018