Benefit from strength in numbers in our growing global community of shipowners

3 things to have in mind as an Intermediate tanker owner right now:

  • Asset pricing
  • Volatility
  • Embargo

See why – and gain insight on how to navigate in the market.


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Our partners choose to entrust their vessels to our commercial management. This is not a responsibility we take lightly. Therefore, we take great pride in securing a transparent pay out to our partners – for instance, via our bunker adjustment model. You get full transparency on the bunker adjustment including the calculations behind it on our partner platform InSite digital.

Pool power

  • Payment on estimated earnings

    Payments are also done on future receivable from charterers

  • Distributions twice a month

    On the 10th and the 25th of each month

  • Low interest

    Securing low funding cost 

  • Net of pool fees and commission
  • Net of Broker commissions
  • Net of Demurrage Estimations with an accurate collections ratio applied
  • Net of insurances e.g. Freight, Deadfreight & Demurrage (FD&D), and Errors & Omissions

How much can you earn in our pools?

Answer a few questions, and we will reach out with your potential performance