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What we offer

We are committed to offering services and solutions that help partners and the industry reduce CO2 emissions. Smart use of data analytics, combined with our scale, allow us to help you achieve a bigger and greener impact.

What we offer

Our in-house digital team is continually bringing new ideas to life. The solutions are aimed at boosting earnings, cutting CO2 emissions, and giving you an immersive partner experience.

How can you track every part of your vessel and pool performance? By using InSite digital – a personalised pool management platform custom-made for our partners. It offers acute market insight and valuable transparency on vessel performance.

What we offer

Through our scale and global presence in a range of segments, you gain unique access to a vast customer network and cargo book. We use these to optimise trade patterns, cargo flows and vessel accessibility for ship owners and customers.  

What we offer

It couldn’t get any easier: we offer flexible entry and exit terms as well as the opportunity to switch between deployment strategies. With offices spread around the world, we are on deck to support and assist you at all times. 

What we offer

We believe in long-term and values-based decisions and actions, so our partners know they are in safe and reliable hands. Our transparency, engagement and collaborative approach ensures a win-win outcome. We continually seek new partnerships that promote collaboration and industry cohesion.

What we offer

  • Improved earnings enabled by digital technology

  • Access to global customer network

  • Unique access to cargo: first right of refusal for cargo programmes

  • Transparent pool system

  • Continous focus on vessel performance optimisation

  • Cost benefits through access to bunker purchasing agreements

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  • Meji
  • Cargill
  • Celcius
  • Mutsui
  • Swift
  • Nan Fung Group
  • Fuyo Kaiun


Ever since working with Maersk Tankers we have always seen proper governance and a willingness to find solutions to help the partners. The pool continues to grow and maximise the tradability of the vessels with a well-developed Great Lakes program, good contract coverage, underpinned with experienced charterers that know their trades well.

We have more than 10 years relationship with Maersk Tankers through Time Charter and as a Pool partner. Maersk Tankers as pool managers have been fair, transparent and have actively involved pool partners in improving the pool agreement. The strategy of integrating digital solutions for spot trading is unique and this shows commitment of the pool to maximize pool earnings by utilizing the most innovative methodology.

We have joined Maersk Tankers with a total of six vessels in the Handy as well as Intermediate pool. We enjoy a trustful and partner-minded cooperation. In a presently competitive market we appreciate the steps the pool has taken to get exposure to niche trades and IMO trading.

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