At Maersk Tankers, we unlock the short- and long-term value of your vessels through passion, expertise and smart solutions in our tanker community. By joining our pools, shipowners join a journey towards new shipping horizons. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to hear more about how we can support you as a shipowner.



How do we unlock vessel value to you as a partner? The answer is to be found in our unique benefits. They are the cornerstones in our service as providers of commercial management - and they define the areas in which we pioneer shipping solutions. 

What you get as a partner

  • Access to cargo deals 
  • Stable cash flow
  • Access to market insights
  • Full performance transparency

What you get as a partner

  • Easy onboarding with VesselTruth
  • Overview of performance and earnings with our partner platform InSite digital
  • Access to specialists for optimisation of fuel consumption and earnings
  • Skilled experts in market analysis share their insights via webinars

What you get as a partner

  • Vessel optimisation
  • Regulatory support 
  • Voyage optimisation
  • Partner portal
  • A community

How much can you earn in our pools?

Answer a few questions, and we will reach out with your potential performance