Charter a ship

Flexible, reliable and spread across nine crude and product segments, we consistently meet the diverse needs of our customers

  • Voyage charter

    Hire a ship for a particular voyage 

  • Time charter

    Hire a ship for a longer period that's tailored to your transportation needs

  • Contract of Affreightments

    Do you have a predefined number of cargoes that you want us to transport over a set time? The size and variety of our fleet means we have the services to match your needs 

With a strong, global presence across multiple segments, we always have something at our fingertips. A ‘one-stop ship’, we can speedily provide a suitable vessel for every trade, cargo grade, quantity or destination.

Engrained in our DNA is our unflinching commitment to safety. With our high safety standards, our strong operational and technical track record, we make sure your cargo is transported safely and reliably from start to finish.

Increasingly data-driven, we use algorithmic trading to position vessels to match your transportation needs. We use digital solutions such as ZeroNorth’s Optimise to run operations more efficiently and reduce the environmental footprint of your value chain. 

We are committed to making shipping more sustainable, which will benefit you and the tanker industry as a whole. We are a part of your value chain; and fulfil this responsibility by devising solutions aimed at shrinking our collective environmental footprint.