To deliver the best possible service to our customers, we operate an attractive crude and product tanker fleet. Our vessels vary in size from 10.000 to 175.000 dwt. divided into nine pools: Suezmax, Aframax, LR2, Panamax, LR1, MR, Handy and Small & large Intermediates. This ensures that different customer needs are met. We trade globally and work with different products: clean, dirty, chemicals and veg oil. Do you want to know more?

Vessel nameSegmentFlagBuiltDWTCapacityCoatingInertingIMOICE
Akti AHandyMalta202239,84746,339EpoxyIG Generator
BalticHandyMarshall Islands200339,57442,183EpoxyIG Generator1B
BassilevousaHandyGreece200537,46842,257EpoxyIG Generator1B
BloomHandyLiberia200738,39537,963EpoxyIG Generator3
DiademaHandyBahamas201840,07244,654EpoxyIG Generator
Eastern QuinceHandyPanama200941,39751,642EpoxyIG Generator
Hans MaerskHandySingapore200937,96143,024Marine LineIG Generator2
Helene MaerskHandySingapore201038,01543,032Marine LineIG Generator2
Henning MaerskHandyDenmark201038,00143,052Marine LineIG Generator2
Henriette MaerskHandySingapore201037,98544,233Marine LineIG Generator2
Henry MaerskHandyDenmark201037,93343,055Marine LineIG Generator
Hulda MaerskHandyDenmark201037,95943,065Marine LineIG Generator