Maersk Tankers welcomes Sanmar Shipping back as a pool partner

Maersk Tankers is pleased to welcome Sanmar Shipping back as a pool partner. The vessel Sanmar Sangeet has re-joined Maersk Tankers' LR2 pool, attracted by the two companies' shared determination to decarbonise and the trading strategy of the pool. The latter has led to strong earnings, in particular over the past few quarters.

The company joins Maersk Tankers' pool at a time when freight markets are rallying, but the need to decarbonise is becoming ever-more pressing. 

With Sanmar Shipping investing heavily in fuel and energy-efficiency technology, Maersk Tankers' pool set-up is a good fit. The company provides a fuel optimisation service and rewards partners who invest in fuel efficiency through its Bunker Adjustment methodology. 

Commenting on the reasons for joining Maersk Tankers' pools, Subba Rao, Managing Director at Sanmar Shipping, says, "Sanmar has always believed in values before profits, growth with responsibility and a unique chemistry with people and nature, which much about sums up our relationship with Maersk."

Maersk Tankers manages spot pools for tankers of all sizes, from 10k DWT to LR2 vessels, offering its partners access to earning spikes in the spot market but with the benefit of an array of safety nets. Maersk Tankers operates across cargo markets with a global customer network and extensive cargo book. 

"We have had the pleasure of working with Sanmar for many years, during which time we have been focused on finding the right deployment solutions for its vessels," says Susanne Jensen, Global Head of Partner Sales and Service at Maersk Tankers. "We are delighted that Sanmar has once again chosen us as its partner." 

Building on its global presence with offices in Copenhagen, Houston, Mumbai and Singapore, Maersk Tankers is looking to forge more partnerships across all markets.

About Maersk Tankers

Maersk Tankers is a service company that provides commercial management solutions for shipowners in the tanker industry, operating one of the largest tanker fleets in the world. Our purpose is to pioneer shipping solutions for our partners and the planet. Founded in 1928, we have a century of expertise in management of tankers, which we use to develop and deploy solutions that help shipowners boost the economic and environmental performance of their vessels. Maersk Tankers employs approximately 300 employees in Denmark, Singapore, India and the U.S. and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.