Maersk Tankers welcomes Korean SK Energy as a pool partner

Grand Ace10, photo by Andy Ru
At a time where freight rates are soaring and the industry is facing complex challenges, Maersk Tankers welcomes its third pool partner from Korea. The latest addition is Korea’s biggest energy major, SK Energy, with the MR, Grand Ace10.

“Mutually benefitting from each other’s strengths, we are proud to welcome SK Energy to our pools,” says Eva Birgitte Bisgaard, Chief Commercial Officer at Maersk Tankers. “In today’s markets, where we see rallying freight rates it is beneficial for not only owners, but also operators, to be able to take advantage of our platform, working together to generate stability and efficiency.” 

Commenting on the reason for joining Maersk Tankers' pools, Mark Kim of SK's Crude Business Unit says, “the recent tanker market laid in a situation in which it is quite challengeable for small shipowners to manage fleets due to large fluctuations by region and ship type. Maersk Tankers, a shipping company with close to 100 MRs worldwide, operates regional fleets using economies of scale, maximises profits through networks with various shippers, provides systematic reporting to shipowners through digitalisation, and has a reasonable profit-sharing structure.”

Maersk Tankers manages spot pools for tankers from 10k DWT to Aframax and LR2 size, offering its partners access to the spot market with the added benefit of an array of safety nets. At the same time, operators are offered security and flexibility to their cargo books through a greater choice of ships. With a global customer network and extensive cargo book, Maersk Tankers is operating across cargo markets. 

As part of its pool set-up, the company offers vessel optimisation, working with its pool partners to unlock value from their vessels; this includes navigating a new world of triangulation and regulation compliance through its “Right Ship – Right Trade” frameset. Maersk Tankers further offers pool partners flexible entry and exit terms, as well as twice monthly earnings settlements. 

With the addition of SK Energy, Maersk Tankers manages a total of 12 vessels for 3 Korean tanker companies, the majority of which are in its MR pool. Maersk Tankers operates its MR pool of 90 vessels from 30 owners in a strategic partnership with Cargill. 

“Starting with this Grand Ace10 pool entry, we hope to explore various business opportunities with Maersk Tankers in the future and develop into a good alliance relationship in this rapidly changing tanker market,” says Kim. 

Building on its global presence with offices Copenhagen, Houston, Mumbai and Singapore, Maersk Tankers is looking to forge more partnerships in the East of Suez market in the future.