The seaborne transportation of energy will remain of fundamental importance over the decades to come. We are here to facilitate its trade, contributing to meeting societies’ energy needs.

Maersk Tankers transports oil products globally, moving, for example, gasoline and diesel for the transportation sector, jet fuel for the aerospace industry, naphtha for consumer goods, crude and fuel oil for refining and power generation and edible oils for the food and biofuel industries.

Maersk Tankers operates more than 200 product tankers across seven segments: City, Intermediate, Flexi, Handy, MR, LR2 and Aframax.

In the MR segment, Maersk Tankers partners with Cargill Ocean Transportation.

Sustaining a competitive fleet

Maersk Product Tankers is building ten LR2 newbuildings at Dalian Shipyard in China. The vessels are planned for delivery from 2020-2022.