Responsible Procurement

Responsible Procurement is about mitigating ethical, social and environmental risks in our supply chain. We expect our suppliers to make continuous improvements towards sustainable business conduct.

Commitments and frameworks

Our commitment to Responsible Procurement is set out in Maersk Tankers' Third Party Code of Conduct and in our Sustainability Policy. The programme and the Third Party Code of Conduct reflect our commitment to the UN Global Compact principles for business sustainability, and international standards such as the core labour conventions of the International Labour Organisation and the UN Declaration of Human Rights. It addresses anti-corruption, respect for human rights, safe and decent labour practices, and environmental protection. All supplier contracts should include the Code of Conduct and after signing, relevant suppliers are engaged in the programme.

Programme management

In practice, integrating responsible procurement takes place through supplier invitations and registrations, assessments of social and environmental performance, improvement plans, supplier workshops and suppliers' contractual commitment as well as training of our procurement staff. Maersk Tankers Procurement is responsible for endorsing the direction and measuring the progress on implementation of the programme and for integrating it into existing procurement policies and processes in the supplier relationships they respectively own or manage.

Third Party Code of Conduct

The Third Party Code of Conduct specifies what Maersk Tankers considers appropriate business conduct by our business partners in the areas of general legal compliance, competition law, anti-corruption, foreign trade controls and sanctions, health and safety, product liability, employee rights, child labour and the environment. It is an integral part of many of our business relationships, particularly in the context of procurement contracts and commercial operations. It is specifically referred to in many contracts.