Diversity matters

A diverse, equal, and inclusive place to work

This enables our organisation to thrive, innovate and encourages our employees to bring their authentic selves to work.

We work with a broad definition of diversity, which includes gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, background, experience and dimensions like age, family, and lifestyle responsibilities. We aim to increase the representation of each dimension, reflecting the diverse and global marketplace we operate in.

The backbone of diversity are equity and inclusion. Inclusion begins with making everyone feel safe, seen, heard, respected, and appreciated for who they are. Equity ensures that everyone is treated fairly, with equal rights, and granted equal access to opportunities and resources.

We work with three global priorities – Building and Valuing Diverse Talent, Building Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace, and Creating Impact in Society. 

The first one speaks to our goal to continue to create a diverse organisation, based on a diverse talent pool and unbiased recruitment. 

The second one speaks to our goal to promote our inclusive culture in which everyone feels safe, supported and appreciated. 

The third one aims to propel the discourse about diversity, equity and inclusion and welcome all our employees to be active allies of inclusion. 

  • Leadership advocacy

    Fostering culture of open dialogue and transparency, external partnerships

  • Talent attraction and retention

    Fair hiring principles; bias-free recruitment training for leaders; talent management initiatives

  • Inclusive Leadership and Culture

    Unconscious bias training for leaders, Leadership Development Programme

  • Inclusive Workplace

    Extended parental leave options, Global Support Programme for families, Flexibility

  • Mutual Mentoring

    Leadership Mentor and Diverse Talent Mentor mutually learn from each other

  • Women in Leadership

    Improving gender balance in succession pipeline, internal and external initiatives

  • Allyship

    Building a culture of active allyship to support and enable diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Psychological Safety

    Shared belief by members of all teams that ideas and thoughts can be expressed without interpersonal risks

  • Build from Within

    Creating a talent pipeline through campus recruitment