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Our ambition is to bring our deep industry expertise and inhouse knowledge about combined Energy Saving Devices to the wider industry. 

Njord was born in 2019 from a partnership between Maersk Tankers, Cargill and Mitsui and aims at accelerating cost-effective and industry-wide greenhouse gas reductions through financed green technology. In a fragmented industry, Njord acts as the linchpin connecting green funding to charterers, shipowners and vendors.

We offer advisory and technical solutions that help you identify the optimum vessel installation to cut emissions and keep in line with current and upcoming decarbonisation regulations. 

  • Reduce emissions

     to comply with regulations

  • Reduce fuel costs

     between 7-16 % on average

  • 0+Energy Saving Devices in portfolio
  • 30+Number of vessels tested on

Our approach

  • What we do in details

    • Screen your vessels with our Virtual ESD Tool
    • List all applicable ESDs
    • Show total combined savings potential
    • Highlight expected impact on EEXI and CII
    • Show total combined cost, end to end
    • Highlight which ESDs can be installed in operation vs drydock
  • Why you need this

    • Obtain a complete overview of ESDs relevant for your fleet
    • Identify how you can comply with coming regulations

Our approach

  • What we do in details

    • Confirm consumption profile
    • Confirm fuel savings per technology
    • EEXI and CII impact analysis
    • Provide CFD calculations
    • Provide supplier recommendations
    • Provide the individual technology cost
    • Deliver studies for the chosen technologies
  • Why you need this

    • Detailed verification of each technology
    • Tailor-made installation approach and scope, ready to execute

Our approach

  • What we do in detail

    • Prepare a vessel specific installation guide
    • Conduct final engineering and full project management
    • Arrange for 3rd party verified auto-logged baselining
    • Arrange for hull and propeller cleaning
    • Procurement and logistics of all technologies
    • Give access to our supplier pricing
    • Onsite or remote installation support by experienced Njord employees
  • Why you need this

    • End to end solution and installation of technologies to comply with environmental regulations and reduce fuel
    • Get a sparring partner that combines expertise with best-in-class pricing

Are you ready to navigate the future emission regulations?

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