Commercial Management

Our customers, oil majors and trading houses, are large contributors to the global economy through their trade of energy products. We play our part in this by ensuring a vessel is in position where you as a customer need it most to have your cargoes transported to the market.

We also operate vessels commercially and technically for vessel owners. If you are a vessel owner and pool your vessels with us, this provides you as a partner with the opportunity to optimise earnings and Maersk Tankers with partnerships and scale. 

When you commit your vessels to a pool, you gain greater exposure to the spot market while limiting some of the risks such as ballast legs and lengthy waiting time. You also gain access to more customers through greater geographical coverage.

We use the scale of the fleet in procurement to become cost leaders in bunkers, port expenses and other voyage-related costs. We improve Time Charter Equivalents through reducing voyage costs and taking a cutting-edge approach to trading ships using data and analytics. We operate with a standardised pool structure that includes fees and working capital, flexibility to enter and exit the pool supporting sale and purchase strategies, stable cash flow through bi-monthly cash distribution and reporting services for better transparency.

If you are looking for a one-stop shop for vessel management, Maersk Tankers offers technical management of pooled vessels, building on our highest standards within safety, technical capabilities and a proven ability to run vessels cost-efficiently. This will extend your vessels' tradable life-cycles.

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