Our Shaping the Future strategy is the driving force behind our commercial management services and solutions. We achieve this through the use of smart technological solutions that boost vessel performance and enhance partner and customer experience

The ambition to deliver superior returns as well as reduce the collective carbon footprint of the shipping industry fuels what we do. We strive to identify and implement ways that can commercialise solutions for the benefit of our customers, partners and the industry. 

In short, we work in partnerships to propel the product tanker business forward, both economically and environmentally.

Our strategy

Maersk Tankers delivers commercial management services and solutions to pool partners. We leverage expertise, innovation and scale to create an engaging and beneficial experience for our partners. 

Our advanced solutions act as catalysts for maximising pool performance and generating higher returns. 

Our strategy

With our dedicated in-house team of digital experts, we are continually investing in the design of next-generation shipping solutions. These help charterers, operators and owners improve efficiency and earnings while lowering their environmental impact. 

Home-grown software solutions, like SimTanker, InSite digital and ZeroNorth’s Optimise, are bringing us to realising our technological objectives.

Our strategy

As a leading commercial manager in the tanker industry, we seek to develop and deploy solutions that reduce our, and our pool partners’, CO2 footprint. 

Through industry partnerships and digital and technical solutions that commercially incentivise a shift to environmental sustainability, we will steer shipping on the path to greener growth. 

Our strategy

With 220 and counting vessels in our fleet management we are poised to benefit our partners. A larger pool means partners are afforded an optimised trade flow and customers a greater flexibility in the transportation of their cargoes. 

Our strategy

A prerequisite to everything we do is our employees. We draw from the widest talent pool to infuse our organisation with a diversity of thought that keeps us ahead of the game. In line with our Core Values, we build teams of colleagues from a range of backgrounds, including varied nationalities, cultures, ages and work experience. 

We consistently endeavour to create a work culture that is inclusive, engaged and effective.