Penfield Marine becomes Maersk Tankers

From today, Penfield Marine will change name and will work under the Maersk Tankers brand. The rebranding is part of the ongoing integration of the two companies. In January, Maersk Tankers announced that it had acquired Penfield Marine to create a tanker company with unique reach, offering pool partners and customers a wider range of services.

The combined company manages around 240 vessels, including approximately 45 vessels owned by affiliated companies. Together, Maersk Tankers and Penfield Marine will leverage their complementary capabilities to offer a variety of solutions meeting the increasing demand on shipowners to deliver attractive returns and cut emissions. Cargo customers get access to a broader service range to cover their transportation needs within more segments.

For the time being, the Penfield pools will continue as Penfield Tankers, which means that when vessels are fixed in the market, they will still be fixed with Penfield as counterpart.