Njord: a new green tech solution brings first customers on-board

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Cargill, Mitsui and Maersk Tankers have launched their green technological solution Njord, which aims to accelerate cost-effective and industry-wide greenhouse gas reductions.

Njord brings shipowners, charterers, vendors and financiers closer together, helping to make vessels more fuel-efficient and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. 

With new regulations, vessel owners are faced with increasing pressure to find solutions to increase energy efficiency of their vessels. Improvements rely heavily on the continued development and use of innovative solutions.

Cargill, Mitsui and Maersk Tankers are using their combined technical and operational expertise to bring a full-service package to shipowners and operators. This is based on a combination of energy saving devices targeted at lowering vessel emissions. An expert team will assess the vessel’s optimisation potential, design the solutions required and help the shipowner and operators get these implemented, along with offering attractive financing. Customers can choose all three or select only some of these services depending on actual needs.

“Njord is part of our work to pioneer and scale solutions to decarbonise shipping – and it has the potential to deliver significant value to shipowners and the environment. It closes the tech and incentives gap by linking industry players through operational expertise and financial inducements, making it a valuable offering in an otherwise fragmented industry,” explains Frederik Pind, Head of Decarbonisation at Maersk Tankers.

Njord was born in 2019 from a partnership between Maersk Tankers, Cargill and Mitsui, with each bringing their expertise and experience to the table. Cargill provides access to its extensive fleet and operational knowhow, while Mitsui offers a global network within shipping stakeholders, access to the financial market and its experience in ship owning and ship building. Maersk Tankers combines its heritage as a tanker owner with managerial insight to offer solutions that enhance vessel performance. 

“Njord helps ship owners and charterers unlock decarbonization potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We are proud to be part of this partnership which will create a greener shipping value chain,” said George Wells, Asset Trading Lead for Cargill’s Ocean Transportation business.  “The customers of Njord can rely on the combined experience, know-how and financial strength of the partners to help them start or continue their decarbonisation journey.”

In pursuit of cutting maritime greenhouse gas emissions, the companies came together to explore decarbonisation solutions. The trio have spent the last few years trialling both existing and new fuel-saving technologies on the large and varied fleet they jointly own, manage or charter.

“We believe that energy saving devices will play a vital role not only as a short-term solution but also in a greener shipping world. By gathering diversified expertise and knowledge with partners, we look forward to contributing to the development of sustainable solutions for shipping, which will help to create an eco-friendly society,” said General Manager of Transportation & Machinery Business Div.IV, Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Kensuke Kubota.

Njord’s services can work in both tramp and liner markets. Depending on vessel size, trading patterns and installations, they have been estimated to reduce the yearly fuel consumption for a vessel by, on average, 7 to 16%.

The companies have signed contracts with five owners and expect to enter more partnerships in the coming period. 

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