Digital tool to optimise fleet positioning to be piloted

Less than one year into the strategic partnership between Maersk Tankers and CargoMetrics, the first digital tool is about to be piloted.

The simulation tool, SimTankers, is part of Maersk Tankers’ digital strategy. Charterers will use it to position vessels optimally, taking into account profit and loss and commercial risks.

“There is a long-term positive outlook for the product tanker industry, which we want to take advantage of by applying algorithm-based trading strategies, generating new revenue, new businesses and efficiencies,” says Soren C. Meyer, Chief Strategy Officer, Maersk Tankers.

Soren Meyer_932x560
Soren C. Meyer, Chief Strategy Officer

SimTankers simulates the fleet’s positioning based on historical data of its voyages. For example, a vessel on a voyage from Houston to Rotterdam provides data such as voyage duration, days of demurrage, port fees and bunker costs. The data is processed using advanced analytics. This will, according to Peter Schroder, Chief Digital Officer at Maersk Tankers, strengthen the company’s trading decisions “because it will proactively tell us in which markets we should position the fleet to meet future demand and achieve the highest earnings.”
The LR2 segment has been chosen for the initial testing. Following testing in this segment, it is planned to deploy the simulation tool in other vessel segments.

Peter Schroder, Chief Digital Officer