Creating trading options for partners in the MR pool

At Maersk Tankers, dedicated chartering desks have specialised in trading vessels in niche markets, with products such as vegetable oils, chemicals and dirty petroleum products. This provides the company's MR pool with trading options beyond the core MR markets, contributing to above-market earnings for owners with vessels in the pool. 

Maersk Tangier

Maersk Tankers’ growing MR pool has total geographic coverage, typically transporting energy products such as gasoline, jet fuel, naphtha, and diesel. Besides trading refined oil products, Maersk Tankers is operating vessels in niche markets and trades, for example, vegetable oils and chemicals. This is part of the company’s strategy to offer options to vessel owners in the pool, according to Anders Birk, Head of MR Chartering at Maersk Tankers.

“As a versatile operator – owing to our size, experience in specialised trades and the diverse composition of the fleet across segments – we can create a range of options for the pool’s vessels and voyages. The more options, the better the opportunity to create the best returns for pool partners.”

To that end, Maersk Tankers has dedicated chartering desks around the world, focusing solely on niche trades. This is benefitting partners because of the combined commercial, operational and technical expertise in each specific trade, which generates “above-market earnings due to the associated premium these trades come at,” says Birk. He adds: “This also means meeting a growing customer demand for tonnage on these trades.”

Anders Birk Head of MR
Anders Birk, Head of MR Chartering

The company’s global operations in the MR segment and long-term relationships with customers, in both core and niche markets, give access to cargoes which the company uses to generate a steady cargo flow for pool partners. This is combined with the charterers’ extensive market insight and the use of digital tools to position vessels in the markets with highest demand and earnings.

The MR market consists of approximately 1,100 vessels globally, with Maersk Tankers operating 40 vessels in its MR pool. Maersk Tankers has invested in 19 new MR vessels since 2014 to meet customers’ growing demand and to retain a competitive fleet. The company has taken delivery of 14 of the newbuildings, with the remaining five due before the end of 2020.