Digital Solutions

Maersk Tankers leads the industry in digitisation and develops and deploys digital solutions that help partners to reduce CO2 emissions and increase earnings. The digital transformation of Maersk Tankers is a core component of our business strategy ‘Shaping the Future’.

Our in-house digital team develops products and brings new digital ideas alive that can serve partners and customers in smarter ways. We work in close partnership with CargoMetrics Technologies, with which we have entered an equity agreement in 2017. The partnership has since then worked on the development of SimTanker, a software product that provides a data-driven trade signal to proactively position the fleet of vessels in the most optimal way, meeting both customer demand and increasing earnings. The in-house digital team also works to digitise more of the pool partners’ ‘customer journeys’ with Maersk Tankers through the online partner portal, InSite digital.

In an acceleration of our digital strategy, we have recently launched a new standalone digital business to reduce CO2 emissions and optimise vessels’ earnings. The business will develop and sell the software product SimBunker to vessel owners and managers in the tramp shipping industry to help them use their vessels more efficiently.