In an industry ripe for innovation, it is our ambition to help our partners stay ahead of the game by providing industry-leading, digital shipping solutions. With our in-house team of digital experts, we are investing continually in transformational ideas and technology so we can make the best commercial decisions and provide our partners with stellar experiences. 

Our solutions

ZeroNorth is a digital business carved-out of Maersk Tankers with the vision to digitalise shipping for the climate. ZeroNorth is making available the software Optimise to the tramp shipping industry. Optimise converts data into tangible actions to reduce CO2 emissions and maximise revenue for the benefit of profits and the planet.

Maersk Tankers uses Optimise across its entire commercially managed fleet to optimise the speed and fuel consumption of any given voyage, using multiple data points, such as weather and individual vessel performance.  

SimTanker is a software that helps charterers optimise their decisions on vessel positioning. This algorithm-based tool simulates the fleet’s positioning based on historical data of its voyages. Based on this, it forecasts market earnings. Our charterers use the tool to as decision-support in both individual vessel and overall fleet positioning to maximise pool earnings.

Our solutions

InSite digital is a communication platform for our pool partners. It provides instant access to pool performance data as well as transparency and insights to enable partners to stay tuned to market developments. Here, owners can monitor their current and projected CII ratings, presenting them with a foundation for improving their CII scores to comply with emission regulations.

Using VesselTruth, shipowners can onboard their vessels in just a few clicks. The shipowner uploads information and documents about the vessel into the system and can then monitor the onboarding process continuously, ensuring the owner at any time knows what is happening to his vessel.

With VesselTruth, partners can also set the preferences on the trades areas they want their vessel to interact with on an individual level.