Shipping plays an essential role in the growth and sustainable development of society. Our Shaping the Future strategy aims at making the tanker industry more profitable, sustainable and digital. We are determined to drive long-term growth and value for our customers, partners, owners and the company. 

Maximising value for our partners

Maersk Tankers delivers commercial management service to pool partners. With Shaping the Future, we aim at generating superior partner returns through digital solutions and an improved partner experience.


We are conscious of the challenges posed to the environment by climate change. As a global leader in the tanker shipping industry, we want to be a part of the solution to building a more sustainable future. Under Shaping the Future, we are committed to reducing our own emissions by 30% by 2021, compared to the 2008 baseline set by the International Maritime Organization, while driving best practice across the industry. By deploying and sharing our knowledge and expertise, we are forming partnerships within the industry to cut CO2 emissions throughout the fleet. We are reducing emissions on three main fronts: by developing and deploying digital solutions; through commercial initiatives; and by exploiting existing fuel-saving technologies and exploring new technical solutions. The latter includes, for example, the use of wind-propulsion technology to move vessels forward: Maersk Pelican is the world’s first product tanker vessel to use this technology, and it has achieved a 8.2% reduction in fuel consumption and emissions over a one-year test period. As part of our customer and partners’ value chain, we can help them to reduce their emissions while driving the tanker industry towards a more sustainable future. 

Digital Solutions

Another key aspect of our strategy is to lead the industry in digitisation by developing and deploying software products that help partners to reduce CO2 emissions and increase earnings. We strive to create the future software products for the industry. To accelerate our digital strategy, Maersk Tankers has recently launched a new digital business to develop and sell the software product SimBunker to vessel owners and managers in the tramp shipping industry. SimBunker, which was developed by an in-house digital team, optimises vessels’ bunker spend by determining optimal solutions for factors such as speed, bunker purchase and route, thereby helping our partners to use vessels more efficiently. Furthermore, our in-house digital team continually brings new digital ideas alive to serve partners and customers in smarter ways. Together with our strategic partner CargoMetrics Technologies, we are working on the development of SimTanker, a software product that provides a data-driven trade signal to position the fleet of vessels in the most optimal way. Moreover, our pool partners’ ‘customer journeys’ are being digitised through the online partner portal, InSite digital. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Having the right organisation, culture and capabilities in Maersk Tankers is crucial if we are to deliver our strategy. We are creating a diverse and inclusive work culture, in accordance with our Core Values. This increases diversity of thought within the company, and helps us to attract and retain employees from the widest talent pool. We do this by building teams with a balance of, among other things, nationality, age and experience. However, while our employee composition is diverse in nationality, age and experience, women are under-represented. We want to bring more women – with and without industry experience – into the company in all types of roles.
Together, we want to influence and drive change in the industry so it can become more profitable, sustainable and digital. We call that Shaping the Future.