Maersk Tankers Whistleblower system

We believe that high business standards play an essential role in ensuring our continued growth and success. It's about being upright in our actions so we can be proud of the  work we do.

Maersk Whistleblower System

The Maersk Tankers Whistleblower System is available worldwide and 24/7. The system helps us learn of wrongdoing, so we can take action to stop it.

If you believe a violation of a law or regulation has occurred in Maersk Tankers, we encourage you to report your concern directly to someone in Maersk Tankers, e.g. use your usual contact person, or the Maersk Tankers legal department. If you feel that you cannot report directly, you can report on the Maersk Tankers Whistleblower system. For legal reasons, you must use the link or telephone number for the country from which you are reporting.