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  • Safety Comes First

    Our vision is to be best-in-class when it comes to safety. Read More
  • The Tanker Business

    Tankers are used to transport oil products. Read more
  • Welcome aboard!

    At Maersk Tankers, no two days are alike. Read more
  • Third Party Services

    Third Party Services focuses on creating additional value for pool partners and seeking new partners to increase scale. Read more
Maersk Tankers - why settle for less?
Maersk Tankers owns and operates a large fleet of product tankers – all built and operated in accordance with the highest standards for quality and reliability. We acquired our first dedicated tanker in 1928, and we’ve been expanding and improving our fleet to meet changing customer needs ever since. Today, the Maersk Tankers fleet is one of the largest product tanker fleets in the world.