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A career at sea  
A career with Maersk Tankers is for the motivated individual
Maersk Tankers Crewing is always looking for the right people to join us and we offer a range of opportunities in return.
To find the right people, we employ most of our seafarers in full contract. We want officers who look at a long term perspective and are capable of embodying our corporate identity. Our seafarers are the company’s representatives at sea; hence, officers having loyalty to the company is very important.
We provide all our employees equal opportunities to grow regardless of nationality and / or gender. To equip them to become qualified and safe conscious crews, training courses and career development opportunities are constantly conducted backed up by our Cadet Training Programs.
We also practice “nationality blindness” as we put strong emphasis on the right attitude and the right experience. We employ seafarers from 33 different countries and manage crew deployment mix on our vessels of three broad cultural backgrounds what are either West Europe, East Europe, Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia and / or North Asia.
We firmly believe that any company is as good as its employees. Investing in our employees means investing for tomorrow.