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Why pool your vessel?

In committing your vessels to a pool, you will gain greater exposure to the spot market whilst limiting some of the risks such as ballast legs and lengthy waiting time.

You also gain access to more customers through greater geographical coverage.

Why pool with Maersk Tankers?

Our scale does not just include the vessels in our pools, it also includes the Maersk Group as a whole. We leverage this scale in our procurement to be cost leaders in bunkers, port expenses and other voyage related costs. We improve TCE through reducing voyage cost.

Furthermore, our “Taking Lead” Strategy brings together 3 concrete and executable paths to increase the value realised by our pool partners. As mentioned, we reduce voyage cost (Cost Leadership), position better through the consistent use of data (Active Position Taking) to maximise TCE – whilst also creating other value for our pool partners (through Third Party Services), such as a standardised pool structure including fees and working capital; flexibility to enter/exit the pool supporting S&P Strategies; stable cash flow through a bi-monthly cash distribution; and reporting services for better visibility.

Lastly, we offer a name... A name that gets access to the oil majors and more importantly wins their business through being a preferred provider.

Maersk Tankers Pools: high standard, high integrity and aligned to your business.