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Through its third-party services, Maersk Tankers commercially operates other owners’ vessels for a fee. This provides partners with the means to optimise their earnings and Maersk Tankers with scale, partnerships with leading charterers and the means to build on its leading position in the industry.

When vessel owners commit their vessels to a pool, they gain greater exposure to the spot market while limiting some of the risks such as ballast legs and lengthy waiting time. They can also gain access to more customers through greater geographical coverage.

We use the scale of the fleet in procurement to become cost leaders in bunkers, port expenses and other voyage-related costs. We improve Time Charter Equivalents through reducing voyage costs and using data and analytical models to trade vessels. We operate with a standardised pool structure that includes fees and working capital; flexibility to enter/exit the pool supporting S&P Strategies; stable cash flow through a bi-monthly cash distribution; and reporting services for better visibility.